Boysenberry 75

The classic Kiwi boysenberry rolled into the most classic of champagne cocktails, the boysenberry 75 is clean, fresh and light with a hint of boysenberry sweetness.

East Imperial Christmas Cocktail Boysenberry 75

  • 20ml / ⅔ fl oz London Dry Gin

  • 2x Boysenberries
  • 10ml / ⅓ fl oz Liquid Honey
  • 20ml / ⅔ fl oz Fresh Grapefruit or Lemon Juice
  • 50ml / 1 ¾ fl oz Non-Alcoholic Sparkling wine
  • Topped with East Imperial Tonic Water
  • Boysenberries
  • Lemon or Lime zest
  1. Add gin, boysenberries, honey and citrus juice to a shaker tin or jam jar.
  2. Pack with cubed ice and shake hard for around 10 seconds
  3. Fill a chilled flute with the non-alcoholic sparkling wine
  4. Strain mixture from shaker into flute
  5. Top with East Imperial Tonic Water
  6. Garnish with a single boysenberry and citrus zest

Simply remove the gin for a non-alcoholic version.